Version 4.0.0

Here we go! Zero One becomes a Kirby plugin! 🚀

We completely restructured everything, went through every theme file, made many improvements, and added many new options.

Here goes the list of notable improvements:

  • Page Builder visual and performance improvements
  • Improvement of every Page Builder section
  • Improvement of every Content blocks block
  • New Content blocks
    • Accordion
    • Button
    • Table
  • Advanced background options all over the place, in blocks, header, and footer
  • Parallax background is possible now
  • Grid section has many new options, sub-grid is possible now too
  • Hero has a video background option
  • The navbar now can have a centered logo and can be styled by your liking
  • New navbar links effect (you can choose between old and new effect)
  • New header options
  • Improved animations in many places
  • New styling options, now your website can have shadows or rounded corners on some elements
  • Improved buttons
  • New Work/Projects options and styling improvements
  • Article styling improvement
  • New slideshow options
  • And many more small fixes and improvements

But, most importantly Zero One becomes a plugin! Why is this so great? Because you can overwrite any plugin file by copying it to your theme folder. Change it, extend it, and safely update Zero One to new versions without worry. Your changes will stay untouched. Like a WordPress child theme, but more powerful.